Which Are The Best Water Guns

Looking for the Best Water Guns online?

We have created a simple collection of some water guns that we consider to be the best as of today.

In general there are many types of water guns but what makes them best?

You may take under consideration many factors that will make your water gun best but lest look at some key points that are really important

1) Loading mechanism – every water gun has a different loading mechanism. So if you really want to buy the best water guns you have to know which are the basics. There are several types of loading:

- water sucking – is the way you charge your gun buy pulling a handle that acts like a┬ásyringe. It sucks water and fills your tank. After the shooting is with the reverse. This is useful if you are tired of pouring water into your water guns but it really takes some power to do so.

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- water magazine – some of the new water guns use this technology to charge the gun. Basically you have a small plastic container of water that you pre-fill and when you have your water gun battle you simple replace the clip with a new one.

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- Pour in hole – this is the old fashion way of charging your water gun – it takes more time and it is really uncomfortable when you don’t want to stop a water battle.

- alternative ammo – you can check some water guns that use alternative ammo like the Xploderz – a jelly like substance that is bio friendly and completely degradable.

2) Shooting distance – if you really want to have some of the best water guns you might take the shooting distance under serious consideration. We consider a good distance to be over 25-30 feet which is a really good one. The best water guns can even go above it. What does the shooting distance gives you

- advantage over short range water guns;

- accuracy;

- fast soaking of enemies;

Aqua shock shoots above 35 feet

3) Quality/Price Ratio – this factor is really important in choosing the best water guns. There are many water guns on the market and if you want to consider which is the best one you have to know that buying the most expensive water gun is not always the best solution for you. There are models that are really expensive and still get low performance reviews. So please check every customer review before making a purchase and then you will be sure that you have the best water gun you ever dreamed off.

So in general those are the basics in choosing the best water guns. We will give you a simple list of guns that we consider to be really good and it is up to you to determine if this is your best water gun.

And here is the list that we consider to be of the best water guns:

1) Quality water gun that is well priced and have a nice performance we consider it as the best water gun ever top place winning candidate but it is up to you to decide – click on the image for more information about it.






2) This bazooka like gun is coming from the Nerf family. It has a nice handle for pump action and shoots at once a big stream of watter into a high distance. No wonder it is called Hydro cannon. If you use it in water gun fight you have to know that it shoots only once after 5-6 pumps, so be careful. But it can take up to 1 liter of water in its tank. Also comes with protective shield. Good candidate for best water guns but still missing the constant flow…




3) The water clip technology that we were discussing earlier makes this water gun also in the list of the best water guns. With some of the clips in your pocket the water battle will never end. Really high quality performance by Nerf again.






4) Nice design and easy to load bottle gives the advantage and the forth place of this super soaker water gun






5) On fifth place is again nerf with the prize of quality/price ratio. Really low price and really nice design of this water gun. Check it our by clicking on the image.






Don’t forget that everybody got their taste. If those guns are best for you this doesn’t mean that they will be the best water guns for somebody else. So choose your weapon and let the battle begin.

We hope that we helped you out in finding the best water guns.